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Where Opportunity Resides

Unlocking investment-grade real estate for tax-advantaged income, the Capital Square Housing Trust acquires and manages a blend of housing solutions in growth markets to mitigate risks while providing long-term capital appreciation for our stakeholders.

This real estate investment trust (REIT) is sponsored by Capital Square, a national real estate investment firm led by a seasoned team of real estate investment professionals with decades of experience.

Since 2012, Capital Square has completed more than $7.8 billion in real estate transaction volume and raised more than $3 billion in equity. The company targets stable, resilient investments, 70% of which are multifamily assets.

Investment Acuity

Leveraging Capital Square’s decades of experience in multifamily acquisitions and data-driven decision making, the Capital Square Housing Trust is designed to handpick best-in-class housing communities from open market acquisitions and the existing Capital Square portfolio.

Property Management Expertise

Capital Square’s meticulous dedication to property management, which enhances the resident experience within these communities, is also designed to substantially empower the investor experience. This asset management focus is a significant differentiator of the Capital Square Housing Trust as compared to others in the industry.

A Strategic Evolution

Those properties chosen from the Capital Square portfolio for inclusion in the REIT have not only been identified as strong candidates with long-term ownership potential but also have reduced uncertainty because Capital Square, the sponsor, already owns, manages and maintains these properties.